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Health Scan Imaging_ open MRI

OPEN MRI is a welcome and desirable alternative to a tubular closed MRI for obese patients, children and anyone apprehensive about confined spaces. At Health Scan Imaging, we offer four convenient locations for OPEN MRI, including sites in La Quinta, Palm Desert, Loma Linda and Rancho Cucamonga.

If you prefer the unmatched openness of a “clam shell” or “poster style” magnet (OPEN on all four sides), in a quiet environment, we offer the ideal solution for your needs. High-quality crystal-sharp pictures can be acquired in only several minutes. Usually, your entire examination is completed within an hour.

At Health Scan Imaging, our OPEN MRI devices exploit unique technological enhancements that serve to improve image quality. Our radiologists and technologists apply fastidious attention to the details of our scanning protocols. Their effort consistently yield extraordinarily clear pictures and accurate results. Our attention to detail helps explain the continued popularity of our OPEN MRI facilities for patients and referring physicians alike.