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Over 40,000 Americans die each year from breast cancer! Of course, the vast majority are women, especially women with a prior maternal family history of breast cancer or women with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer from BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations.

Health Scan Imaging offers digital x-ray mammography as “front-line” screening tool for detection of breast cancer. Published studies have readily shown that screening mammography helps reduce breast cancer deaths in women between the ages of 40 to 74, especially in women over age 50. Annual or biannual screening mammography should be combined with regular clinical breast examinations (self examination or physician examination) to optimize early breast cancer detection rates. These tools are even more important in women with a prior history of breast cancer, a positive family history of breast cancer or one of the mutations described above.

Health Scan Imaging also offers specialty breast ultrasound examinations and MR mammography. These advanced tests assume greater importance in women with palpable lesions, dense breasts and breast implants.

Please consult with your family physician or primary healthcare practitioner in order to formulate the breast cancer detection program that would be most appropriate for maintenance of your health.