Health Scan Imaging

Health Scan Imaging High-Field MRI

High-field MRI uses a large and powerful tube magnet, radio waves, antennas and sophisticated computers to look deep inside the body, without using x-rays. You feel nothing. You will hear a rhythmic tapping - the sound of the magnetic field rhythmically changing its strength. This symphony of technology produces results with an accuracy rate that has propelled high-field MRI to the forefront of medical imaging technology.

Health Scan Imaging offers high-field MRI at seven locations. At each location, our high-field MRI device provides incredibly sharp images. Our radiologists can actually diagnosis tumors smaller than a “Q-Tip”, see inflammation even before lab results change and identify arthritis or joint injuries at their earliest stages - when treatment provides the best prognosis. Many categories of disease are best screened and evaluated with high-field MRI. Examples include: stroke, aneurysms, multiple sclerosis, disc herniation, bursitis, tendon injuries, cartilage damage, abdominal and pelvic tumors, peripheral vascular disease and infection.

Your high-field MRI examination is supervised and controlled under direct observation by both a highly-trained technologist and a radiologist. We monitor the entire procedure at the other side of a large observation window. At Health Scan Imaging, your MRI examination is performed safely and accurate results are delivered promptly.