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Health Scan Imaging 3D Spiral CT Scans

A 3D CT scan, also known as helical, spiral or multidetector CT, is an advanced and sophisticated version of the older generation CT scan that you may have had in the past. Spiral CT is a quick, non-invasive and painless test that enables doctors to look deep inside the body from a variety of angles. Both 2D and 3D images of the body are generated by integrating a specialized rotating x-ray device with sophisticated computers. Literally hundreds of images are captured in a few seconds, all while you are holding your breath.

Any patient will surely notice that a 3D spiral CT exam is over very quickly compared to an MRI examination. Also, claustrophobia is simply not a problem with CT. The CT scanner is shaped like a big open doughnut - not a tube.

CT scans are especially useful for trauma, angiography and “body cavity imaging” related to the chest, abdomen or pelvis. A Spiral CT Scan is often the preferred imaging technique to diagnose conditions such as :