Early Detection Saves Lives!

Our Full Body Scan provides a thorough assessment of your organs from your neck to your pelvis. In just 20 seconds, less than one breath-hold, our ultra-fast scanner acquires hundreds of extraordinarily detailed 3D color images of your body. No needle! No Injection! No Pain! Our expert radiologists search for early signs of potentially lethal diseases such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. Other conditions such as cysts, aneurysms, gallstones and kidney stones are often discovered, even though you may feel well and you have no symptoms at all!

The results of your body scan, coronary calcium score, bone mineral density test and physician interview with a medical lifestyle consultation give you both a “rear view mirror” (to show where you have been medically) and a “road map” that guides you to a better life.

Throughout the decades of life, the top five causes of death vary. Throughout the first five decades, accidents do take the highest toll. But, note the “competition” for “second-place” on the graph. Also , as we age, be mindful of the fact that death rates increase dramatically among the middle-aged and elderly (better to be elderly if it is you!). The “driving force” for mortality inevitably relates to increased prevalence of potentially lethal heart disease and cancer, which together account for 75% of all premature deaths after age 50.

Dr. Kelly M.D., Neuroradiologist, Medical Director and Founder of Health Scan Imaging